Paws & Bows

5544 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego Ca 92115 

All grooming or bath
sessions include:

Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner  ---  Invigorating Massage  ---  Nail Trimming
Ear Cleaning    ---  Anal Gland Expression
Gentle coat brushing    ---  Choice of bow or bandana --- Cologne --- Kisses

Upgraded services:

Nail filing for smoothness         $5

Teeth brushing                            $5
Blueberry Facial                          $5

The Works     $10

Upgraded service for bath or full grooming 

Teeth Brushing
Smooth Nails (dremel)
Blueberry Facial 

Full Grooming
(please call for appointment)

We price based on breed type, size, and hair conditions. Brushing and drying time included.

Full grooming  WITH Haircut
Small $40-50  Medium $50-70  Large $60-90
Full grooming  NO HAIRCUT
Small $20-30  Medium $30-50  Large $40-70     

* Price subject to change based on your doggie's coat conditions (tangled, matted or knotted) which require more grooming time. 


Lowest Price is typically for normal sized breed. Haircut is for short length and fur is in excellent condition. Higher price is for when pet is larger, hair is thicker or not in good condition.

Chihuahua (Shave down) $40-45

Poodle/Shihtzu/Maltese/Yorkie/Bichon $45-55

Schnauzer Miniature $45-55

Schnauzer (Medium) $60-80

Schnauzer (Large) $70-90

Cocker Spaniel $50-60

Cockapoo $50-60

Papillon  $40-50

Carin Terrier $50-60

Cavalier King Charles $45-55

Corgi $50-60

Border Collie $60-80

Doodles (Medium) $60-70

Doodles (Large) $80-120

German Shepherd Medium $60-70

German Shepherd Large $70-90

Australian Shepherd Medium $60-70

Australian Shepherd Large $70-90

Golden Retriever Small/Medium $60-80

Golden Retriever Medium/Large $70-80

Chow Chow (Medium) $70-90

Chow Chow (Large)  $80-120

English Cocker Spaniel $50-60

English Springer Spaniel $50-70

Labrador Retreiver $60

Pekingese $50-60

Pomeranian $45-65

Standard Poodle $60-120

Westy $50-60

Irish Setter $60-80

Included with Grooming:                                 
Nail Trim                                             
Ear Cleaning
Anal Gland
Oatmeal, Whitening, or Odor Control 
Shampoo & Conditioner

Upgraded services:

Nail filing for smoothness         $5

Teeth brushing                            $5
Blueberry Facial                          $5
Some Trim                                   $5 / area
Flea or Medicated Shampoo.     $5

Late Pick-up Policy: We ask that you pick up your pet within an hour of their completion. If the pet has to stay after hours, customer must pay extra fees

Maximum stay is 4 hours from the beginning of appointment. Late pickup fee is $10 for a small dog, and $25 Medium/large.

Pick up after closing hours is $25 plus $60/Hour.