Paws&Bows Pet Grooming


covid19 safety measures:

every visit to the salon and every dog requires an appointment.

-face covering and social distancing are in place

cancel OR  reschedule instructions 

(our phone is disable , please be sure to know how to self-service cancel or reschedule)


quick access to 

Booking Site


Tour and Booking Site

click here if you need to submit a QUESTION before you book

this is a link to send an email to  [email protected]

I will answer within 48 hours


GOOD TO KNOW (for before and after you book):

- You will receive a confirmation email and text right after your appointment, please VERIFY date and time is what you intended.

- Please cancel or reschedule at least 1 hour ahead of your appointment . There is a $15 fee for No-Shows or Late Cancelations. 

- is ok if you are running up to 15 minutes late, but please keep in mind will not be able to accommodate you if you are close or more than 30 minutes late. (Because we would have other appointments to fulfill)

- We do not need your bank card stored for future payments. (Please leave this check mark blanc if asked.)

- REMINDER: Pets we do not groom: Doodles, Standard Poodles or Chows UNLESS: you've been with us 6-8 weeks ago or you specifically ask for a shave down

- Time is valuable: Please cancel or reschedule ahead of time or at least 1 hour prior your appointment.