Paws&Bows Pet Grooming


PLEASE: mention which dog or dogs you are bringing in the "comments field"


1.- Please review your appointment TIME AND DATE from your confirmation email/text.

2.- Running  up to 15 minutes late is absolutely no problem.  Please keep in mind we will not be able to accommodate 30+ minutes late, we would have other appointments to fulfill.

3.- Please cancel or reschedule AT LEAST 1 hour ahead of your appointment (Keep in mind: Our phone is disable: We are not able to take calls/voicemails/texts on a timely manner)


- We do not need your bank card stored for future payments. (Please leave this check mark blanc if asked.)

- REMINDER: Pets we do not groom: Doodles, Standard Poodles or Chows UNLESS: you've been with us 6-8 weeks ago or you specifically ask for a shave down

- Time is valuable: Please cancel or reschedule ahead of time or at least 1 hour prior your appointment