Paws&Bows Pet Grooming


I understand that my groomer will not be able to fit me in if I arrive late 30 minutes or more to my appointment.

If i fail to show up within 15 minutes of my appointment time, or do not show up at all, I will loose my deposit (if placed) and my appointment will be systematic marked as No Call/No Show.

We strive on grooming all of our pets on a stress free environment.  

We only book the amount of pets we know we can comfortably, timely and safely groom on a certain window of time.

Dog grooming accidents are more prompt to happen when the groomer is stressed about time and deadlines.

Dogs can sense when the groomer is stressed out and they stresses out too, then the grooming process becomes a hazardous situation.

Please, lets not go there. Allow us to enjoy our job and have fun with your pet with plenty of time for extra kisses.