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PROFESSIONAL Dog grooming WITH LOVE AND CARE  as priority 


At Paws & Bows, we strive to spoil, love and offer the best possible care to your four-legged loved one. Your pet will feel happy and comfortable under our care,  looking fresh-clean & glamorous at pick up.


Stop by, get to know us and I am sure you will feel happy to leave your furry loved one with me! Or call for an appointment, its bath time!!

Thank you very much for visiting.

About us: Safety First.-

We love and treat your pets like they are our own and we make safety number one on our list of priorities. 

Paws & Bows grooming salon features the best grooming equipment available for the safety of your pets.   Clipper Vac system eliminates clipper burn risks, Hydrosurge bathing system provides pets with an invigorating massage that keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the bath, and Hydraulic grooming tables. All our pets are lifted in and out of grooming tables, crates and tub to insure no accidents.

All our grooming comes with  a 3 round shampoo process, Starting with Oatmeal, followed by either whiting, de-shedding or odor control and lastly with Oatmeal Conditioner. Our Shampoos are soap/detergent free and biodegradable.

Every precaution is taken to insure that your pet is in a clean and in a safe environment. We mop our floors with "Simple Green", disinfect our equipment with "Bark to Basics 256" Kills canine influenza, parvo virus, staph, salmonella, E. coli, bordetella bronchiseptica, adenovirus, canine distemper, feline picornavirus, HIV-1, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, rabies, herpes, pseudorabies, respiratory syncytia, streptococcus and more! Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.

 We use luke or warm water according to weather conditions. We do not use heat in our kennel dryers to prevent heat strokes, instead we manage our wash room with the optimal temperature for a comfortable drying process, AC or heater and a de-humidifier. 

Front door is locked, we use back door to ensure your pet won't run towards traffic street.

We never compromise  pet safety over dollars  or anything and we DO NOT force pets to grooming, if a pet is unstable or extremely stressed, we will  recommend the grooming with a Veterinarian.

Because we love pets, we will offer a shave down as the best option for overall matted or tangled coats.

At Paws & Bows, we strive to spoil, love and offer the best possible care to your four-legged loved one. Your pet will feel happy and comfortable under our care and looking fresh-clean & glamorous at pick up.